I have spent nearly two decades dancing Argentine tango at milongas around the world. Over the years I have learned to appreciate Golden Era tango music and traditional tango milonguero style of dancing. I am now on on a mission to bring high quality traditional tango milonguero events with the best Golden Era tango music possible.

Technical Information:


  • Style: Traditional tango music from the Golden Era (1930-1954).
  • Audio Format: FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec (.flac)
  • Source: TangoTunes


  • Computer: Macbook Pro 15″
  • Player: Audirvana Plus
  • Audio Interface/DAC: Dragonfly Black 1.5

Additional information about my DJ setup can be found on the website Tango DJs For Good Sound.

I have received the TangoTunes Music Quality Connoisseur Badge to certify that I purchase the highest quality tango music.