Cabeceo Club


“Cabeceo” refers to the way in which the gentlemen invite ladies to dance tango in Buenos Aires, namely, not by approaching the ladies and asking them directly, but rather by using gaze and nodding. This means that ladies do not feel pressure to accept a dance, men do not risk rejection, and we dance when and with the person that we want to dance.

Cabeceo is not used much outside of Buenos Aires and this is a real shame because the direct invitation reduces the quality of the events and leads to excessive competitiveness and lack of partner choice.

The Cabeceo Club is our invitation to people in our local area milongas in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to use the cabeceo, to encourage others to use the cabeceo, to inform people about the cabeceo, and to form a community of dancers who prefer the traditional milonga codigos (codes or etiquette) of the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires.

More experienced dancers always prefer to use the cabeceo but it is difficult to get dances this way unless it becomes the established way to ask among enough dancers. The problem is that ladies find it ver difficult to refuse a direct invitation, and never refuse an invitation so as not to hurt the man’s feelings.

That is why it is important to inform people  about the cabeceo and to encourage it’s use. So our goal here is to promote the use of the cabeceo so that people who prefer it are able to get dances without having to compete with people using the direct invitation. Please let us know what you think and join our community! 🙂


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