Our tango classes are for complete beginners and intermediate students who want to work on the fundamentals of tango. In this class you will acquire all necessary elements to get started as tango social dancers and the basics of what makes a good tango dancer.

You will learn the lead and follow concept, connection with the partner and the floor, understanding of music, basics of social etiquette, the line of dance and awareness of position on the dance floor. Our group of students is very nice, friendly and seriously dedicated to the art of dancing tango.

Note: Our classes and events are intended for those who wish to learn and enjoy the culture and music of Tango Argentino. Our aim is to teach people who would like to dance tango regularly. If your main goal is to lose weight or to take a dancing class in order to do some physical activity but you are not planning to dance socially we suggest other forms of dance which would better meet your needs.